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about sweet pea


Growing up in a traditional Filipino household where food is one of our love languages, my journey into baking started with fond memories of watching my mom make delicious Filipino desserts. As a self-taught baker with a passion for pastry, I honed my skills through various pastry classes and online tutorials. With a lifelong love for art, I've found my calling in turning that passion into edible masterpieces.

I specialize in crafting elegant and modern cakes for weddings and celebrations. Over the years, I've perfected my dessert-making skills to provide a unique and delightful experience. Our cakes have a clean, minimalist aesthetic with an elegant touch, making them both visually stunning and delicious.

What I love most is being part of so many joyous occasions—whether it’s weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. While I might not be a guest at your event, my cake will always be front and center. I'm excited to be part of your celebration!



"Everything was perfect, we had the best day ever! I can’t get over how beautiful the cake was, and so many people came up to tell us how delicious it was! The berry flavor was so light and summery. We even brought home the leftovers and we ate it again at the family brunch the next day ."

- A+T Smith


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