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our style

Our style embodies a clean, minimalist aesthetic with elegance. To begin our discussion, please get in touch as soon as possible. For additional ideas, feel free to browse through my portfolio on Instagram and Facebook.

The Process


Please inquire as soon as you have a date set. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to initiate the custom cake ordering process.

  • 6-8 months in advance for weddings 
    (peak season March-May + Sept.-Nov.)

  • 1-2 months ahead for other celebrations

  • 3 weeks in advance to schedule tasting and consultation 

However, there are moments when we can manage orders with short notice, depending on current availability.

If you're inspired by elements such as invitations, style boards, dresses, colors, flowers, venue, or designs from our portfolio, please share them with us. These details will help us create a personalized cake design tailored to your preferences. While we draw inspiration from photos of cakes by other designers, please note that we do not replicate them directly. 



Based on your inquiry, design, and event details we will draft a proposal and logistics for your cake order. If all look good and you wish to proceed with Sweet Pea a signed contract (if applicable) and a 50% retainer of the total cost of the invoice is due to secure your booking and order. 

Quotes are valid for only 7 days and are subject to change based on market prices changes. We highly recommend that you book/confirm your order to reserve your date.


One month prior to your event date, full payment is due as well as your final guest count before your wedding or two weeks before other events. About one to two weeks before your event, I will work with your wedding coordinator to organize cake delivery and setup. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy your day, and be sure to indulge in some cake! 

NOTE: For bookings made with less than one month's notice, full payment is required upfront. We do not accept tentative bookings; only formal quotes that are approved by you and accompanied by a deposit confirm your booking.

Payments can be made via credit card, Venmo @sweetpeacakeryla, or Zelle.

order minimums

Pricing is based on the number of tiers, cake size, and the level of complexity in making the sugar/buttercream flowers and decorations. If you have a smaller party, you can have just one or two tiers of cake and replace the rest with dummies. 

Order minimum (does not include delivery fee)

$500 for delivery

$360 for pickup
$250 for custom cookie orders (pickup only)



We provide tasting boxes available for either pickup or delivery. We understand that some couples prefer to sample our flavors before committing a large order or simply wish to partake in the delightful tradition of cake tasting during the wedding planning process.

Tastings and consultations are by appointment only from Wednesday to Saturday, offering flexible times to accommodate busy schedules. To reserve your tasting, please fill out our inquiry form or email to schedule at least 3 weeks in advance, as availability is limited. Please note that while consultations are recommended, they are not mandatory. Most of our work is done via email! 


If meeting in person isn't in the cards, we can arrange for a tasting box for convenient pickup, and we'll follow via email or zoom as needed.


**Tasting minis are 3-inch round cakes. Each mini cake serves 1-2 guests

  • 4 flavors · 75

  • 6 flavors · 105

  • 9 flavors · 150


Our smallest size is the 5-inch round cake, which serves 8-10, and our largest is the Large Three Tier, which serves up to 150.

To increase the number of servings in your order, we suggest buying additional supplemental cakes (our smallest serves 12-14). These cakes can be served by your venue from the kitchen, akin to our version of sheet cake.

Another option to increase the serving count is to order more decorated cakes. For instance, you can have your centerpiece "main" cake alongside accompanying complementary design cakes in various sizes. Displayed together on the dessert table, these cakes can create a stunning presentation for guests to enjoy.

cake sizes

We offer cake sizes that work with all kinds of occasions, big and small. We have single tier, two tier, and multi-tier options. 

  •  Single tier cakes, 10-24 servings

  • Two tier cakes, 20-72 servings

  • Three-tier cakes, 42-150 servings

  • Four-tier cakes, 80-130 servings

  • Five-tier cakes, 135 servings

Portion guide:

Standard: 1"x 2" x 5" (h)

Coffee: 1 x 2 x 2.5" (h)


The portion guide is approximate only - the number of servings may vary depending on the way the venue serves the cake or the way the cake is cut. For weddings with a plated dessert, we recommend coffee portions as a good guide for cake size.

You may be wondering... How much cake do I need? 

Deciding how much cake/desserts you'll need for your event depends on various factors like dessert options available, serving style, and event timeline. Typically, estimating that 75% to 85% of guests will have cake is a good starting point. From there, consider if you want enough cake for every guest and the desired size of each slice. We also provide faux tiers for a larger cake appearance without extra servings, and supplemental cakes for larger events.

cake stand rentals

The prices vary based on the size of cake stand/platters and set, and a security fee is required in case of any loss or damage. The security fee will be refunded once you have returned the stand to us. We only rent cake stands to our customers who order a wedding cake. Please note, we do not offer a strike service, so you'll need to return the items to our studio within 72 hours by 5 PM (3 days) after your event.

editing an order

Changes to design or serving sizes can be accommodated in your order up to one month before collection or delivery. If these changes impact the total cost, your balance will be adjusted accordingly.


Delivering a cake involves careful attention every step of the way. Our cake deliveries include setup and the arrangement of flowers and botanicals because we prefer to execute the final touches based on our design vision. 


Delivery fee is determined by the distance from La Cañada Flintridge, CA. We suggest arranging delivery, especially for wedding cakes. To receive a quote, kindly share your venue address and preferred delivery time. Delivery fees vary, ranging from $50 to $250, based on distance and location. 

Kindly note, we do not allow the collection of cakes with multiple tiers due to their weight and fragility. In case of any mishaps, I am available to assist with repairs as needed.

Delivery fee is based on distance and subject to date and time availability.


Tuesday-Friday 10AM-12PM, after 6 PM

Saturday–Sunday 8AM-11AM, depending on availability

Please, provide the following details before pick-up:

  • Name (person/s picking up order)

  • Phone Number


How do I transport my cake if I choose to pick it up?

  • Keep cakes cold and level including during transport and refrigeration.

  • Transport cakes on a flat surface in your vehicle (i.e., the floor or trunk space) with the air conditioning on. Never place on the seat of your car.

  • Cakes should be stored in the fridge, especially prior to any transport and brought to room temperature (around 1-2 hours) prior to serving.

Once the order has been picked up, Sweet Pea Cakery LA is releasing all liability and is not responsible for any damages it may incur during transportation.

cancellation policy

Cake deposit fee is $150 or 50% of total invoice whichever is the greatest that is non refundable for any cancelation reasons.  Wedding cake cancelations are accepted no later than 45 days prior to the event date and for all other orders no later than 21 days prior to the event date.  If the production of your cake has commenced, you may be charged for any design components already made.

Any major changes to your order less than the above time frame before the required delivery date may incur a fee to cover the reworking of the cake design and/or loss of work already completed on the order.

All other orders cancelled after a deposit/payment is paid will incur a $100 cancellation fee.

Creating your cake is a multi-day process, including inventory ordering, baking, and designing. Hence, to efficiently fulfill orders, we begin this process days in advance before your order is due.

Sizes + Servings
Cancellation Policy
The Process
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